Thursday, March 16, 2017

Data Visualization

Data visualization is a really cool way of showing data and a good way to get your point across. It is a linear process of decision making based on a few basic principles: the designer, the reader, and the data itself. In the video, a few data maps that stuck out to me were the ones about Facebook users around the world and flights taken in the United States. All of the different dots and lines for the data are all so interesting and nice to look at. It also shows the hot spots of where the most people are on Facebook or where the most flights were taken. Josh Smith said, "Data is just a clue to the end truth." The data's goal is to get truth across in a visually pleasant way. There is also always a hero of the piece. This is normally the central point of data that most people look at first and will look around following it. As you can see, data visualization is a very cool way to show data but it is all about showing different ways to interpret it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The first picture was normal lighting while the second picture I took with flash. I hung a piece of white paper on the white wall. In the first picture, the paper has a slight yellowish tone in front of the dirty white wall. In the second photo (flash), the tone gets "cooler" and more blue. There is also more of a contrast between the two whites.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ways of Seeing

My biggest takeaway from John Berger's Way of Seeing was with regards to the camera. The addition of the camera completely changed the way we are able to view art today. A pressing point was with the angles and such, which we often see with girls and snapchat all over the world everyday. It's all about which angle makes you look the best. Also, nowadays, it is less important to actually see a work of art on person because we can just Google search any piece of art and see it in less than a second. Time has brought us many new ways of seeing and interpreting art and it really depends on the eye of the viewer.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Last Supper by Andy Warhol (1986)

Strange Fruit by Alison Saar (1995)

Man Pointing by Alberto Giacometti (1947)

This was probably my favorite piece of art from the museum on Thursday. This stood out to me because of how simple it was, yet how thin and difficult it must have been to make. The description here says, "Although his lean figure occupies very little space by itself, it successfully delineates and commands the surrounding area, directing the viewer's attention by means of outstretched arms and pointing finger." Like I mentioned above, it definitely commanded the surrounding area as this was the piece of art in the room that intrigued me (the viewer) the most. It really makes you wonder who or what this man is pointing at. It is thought that this piece of work traces all the way back to World War II.