Monday, March 27, 2017

George Kubler - The Shape of Time

We read the section of George Kubler's "The Shape of Time" called "The Limitations of Biography". This part of Kubler's work then has many different subsections in italics. The most interesting subsection that I read was Talent and Genius. Here, he mentions that it is so difficult for people to judge artists based on their talent. "It is meaningless to debate whether Leonardo was more talented than Rafael. Both were talented. Bernardino Luini and Giulio Romano also were talented. They came late when the feast was over through no fault of their own," (Kubelr 6). He is trying to get the point across that the latter of the artists may have been just as talented as the famous Leonardo and Rafael, but they just weren't in the right time period. They could have had the same talent as Leonardo or Rafael, maybe even more, but art just was not what it was during DaVinci's era. Clearly, it is very interesting to talk about talent when differentiating artists and their pasts.This is one of Bernardino Luini's paintings, Madonna del Roseto.

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