Saturday, May 6, 2017

Loyola Light Show

The light show Loyola put on was spectacular. All around the McManus and Humanities area, Loyola's campus was lit with a myriad of beautiful colors. These lights ranged from a whole lot of things, but the two pieces of art that caught my eye most were the big lit up Loyola L and the colored lights on the windows of Sellinger. I have included photos below. The L changed colors every few seconds and it was really cool to see how bright it really was. This is a cool form of modern art with the bright color scheme and using all of the colors on the main color wheel.

Also, the windows on the side of Sellinger that you can see if you are walking to the College Center from the other side of the bridge, were lit up all rainbow. You can see the lights from so far away which I thought was really cool. Like the L, these windows had all of the colors on the wheel, except instead of changing, they always stayed the same colors. All in all, I thought the light show was cool and I can't wait to go again next year!

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